The objectives of the Association shall be to work toward improving the quality of emergency medical services in the State of Nevada, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of problems facing urban and rural EMS professionals.
  • To increase awareness of the role of the EMT/Paramedic as a health care professional.
  • To develop and maintain standards in education and ethics for providers of pre-hospital emergency medical care.
  • To research, develop and promote statewide standards and criteria for emergency medical services, including training and equipment, and to communicate same through public education and information programs.
  • To assemble the membership to discuss matters and conduct business pertinent to the Association.
  • To promote public education and training in CPR and other aspects of emergency medical care.

The Nevada EMT’s would like to thank FindAStorageContainer.com for supplying us with a storage container for our medical equipment, and a mobile office rental in January 2013 at a steep discount.